Home Remedies for Excessive Sweating - Underarm, Feet, Hands and Face

Excessive sweating, or 'Hyperhidrosis', is a common disorder which creates creates a lot embarrassment, stress and unhappiness for about 3% of the population. It can occur all over the body or be localise to various areas such as under the arms, the palms of the hands, on the face, and the soles of the feet.

Underarm excess sweating is the most common and generally begin around puberty. Excessive sweating of the palms and soles of the feed can develop much earlier and can occur in children. Severe hyperhidrosis can be a medical condition but the symptoms of milder forms of excessive sweating can be treated very effectively with home remedies.

The success of home remedies in relieving symptoms varies between individuals. You may have to try various prevention strategies to find the right combination that works for you.

Nuts and dried fruit can be very expensive and so it pays to control portion sizes
Nuts and dried fruit can be very expensive and so it pays to control portion sizes. Source: author

Sweating is embarrassing and it stains clothes and leave obvious marks, and causes odours. It distracts and interferes with business and social interactions and is often triggered or made worse by nervousness, stress, embarrassment or other emotions. Sweating of the palms may have serious consequences making it hard for people to grip door handles or steering wheels. Some people also have trouble holding pens and frequently drop things because their hand are slippery. Shake hands can be embarrassing. It can also interfere with playing various sports such as ten pin bowling, tennis, basketball, sotfball, handball and netball.

What is the Cause of Excessive Seating?

Sometimes, excessive sweating is a medical condition and requires professional medical treatment and in extreme cases surgery. However in most healthy people excessive sweating is simply an over-reaction to heat or is triggered by emotions and nervousness. A small proportion of the population sweat excessively.

Home Remedies for Excessive Sweating

Choose natural-fiber clothing and be careful what you wear - Natural loose fitting clothes made from fabrics, such as cotton, silk and wool allow your skin to breathe. Many synthetic clothes don't breathe and cause excessive sweating. These synthetic fabics make you feel hotter and uncomfortable in warm weather and can generate a feeling of nervousness that creates a flow-on effect. When you exercise, or go hiking you may prefer high-tech fabrics such as GORE-TEX and similar fabrics that breathe and transfer the moisture away from your skin and help stop sweating. Cotton is an excellent choice especially organic cotton. See Organic Cotton Clothing for Women and Babies - Soft, Healthy and Easy on the Environment

Try relaxation techniques - If your excessive sweating occurs when you feel nervous or stressed, consider various relaxation techniques such as meditation, yoga or biofeedback. These methods can help you learn to control the stress and nervousness that triggers perspiration.

Apple cider vinegar - Combine 1 teaspoon of honey, 1 teaspoon of vinegar in a full glass of water and take this tonic about three times a day, on an empty stomach about 30 minutes before meals or 1 1/2 hours after a meal. You can also rub white vinegar or apple cider vinegar underarms and on your hands and feet.

Tomato Juice - Enjoy a glass of fresh, home squeezed tomato juice every day for at least a week and see if it helps. Continue everyday or on alternate days.

Sage and other Herbal Teas - Various herbal teas have been very useful as home remedies for excessive sweating. Sage herbal tea is generally particularly effective for hyperhidrosis. Add sage to hot water, brew for about 5 minutes and let it cool down before drinking. Drink it everyday to get rid of excessive sweating. 

Potato - Slices of potato rubbed underarms helps control excessive sweating

Witch Hazel for Sweating on the face - Use extracts of this plant which acts as a natural antiperspirant for the face. It gently removes moisture from the skin and also reduces infection. You can also make a herbal tea from its leaves as a tonic.

Remedies for Foot Sweating

Remedies for Palm Sweating - Boil a quart ( 0ne litre) of water and brew five teabags in it. Cool it down and the soak your palms in the tea for at least 30 minutes. Tannic acid in the tea has good astringent properties that provides a natural antiperspirant.

Remedies for Underarm Sweating - After thoroughly washing underarms, try applying an equal mixture of baking soda and cornstarch underarms. After about 30 minutes wash the powder off with water. 

Wheatgrass Juice - is very effective as a home remedy for excessive sweating.

Uncontrolled sweating can be a huge embarrassment - see some simple remedies here
Uncontrolled sweating can be a huge embarrassment - see some simple remedies here. Source: Public Domain
Learn how to control and prevent excessive sweating
Learn how to control and prevent excessive sweating. Source: Public Domain
Many people have problems with sweating hands triggered by nervousnes
Many people have problems with sweating hands triggered by nervousness. Source: Public Domain
Sweaty feet can be very problematic and hard to treat
Sweaty feet can be very problematic and very hard to treat. Source: Public Domain